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5 lowest scoring restaurants in Metro area

You may not always remember to check the restaurant inspections on the Mississippi Department of Health website. But don't worry, we did it for you. You may not always remember to check the restaurant inspections on the Mississippi Department of Health website. But don't worry, we did it for you.
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Just how well do you know your favorite Metro restaurant? A special investigation reveals the lowest scoring kitchens in Hinds, Rankin and Madison Counties.

You may not always remember to check the restaurant inspections on the Mississippi Department of Health website. But don't worry, we did it for you.

Restaurants are graded with an A, B, or C quality rankings during health department inspections. A 'C' means the corrections can't be made on-the-spot and a return visit is required to improve to a 'B' rating, then eventually to an 'A.' An investigation found that five restaurants in the Metro area have scored at least two 'C' ratings since October 1. Is your favorite restaurant on that short list?

You'll find Mr. Chen's Authentic Chinese cooking on I-55 in Jackson. It received C grades in November and March. On the March visit, inspectors found a live roach behind the ice machine, and droppings in the dry storage room. Manager Shery Chen allowed cameras to tour the kitchen area. She attributes the insects to produce shipments.

"We have lots of different products, different boxes, may have something already inside the boxes," explains Chen. "Whatever the health department asks us to do, we need to follow their guideline to do their best job."

Other violations included an open can of tomato sauce and unlabeled food in the walk-in refrigerator. Also, failure to display a current inspection report was listed, and our cameras found that problem continued during our visit.

The grade, improved to a B, was not displayed in a visible position within the eatery. An employee of the restaurant pulled the document out from behind something else during the interview. The health department encourages customers to report any restaurants that fail to display their food permit and most recent inspection report.

Five Happiness on McDowell Road in Jackson received a C in January and again on April 4. Employees were eating and drinking in undesignated spots, the ice machine was dirty, hands were not cleaned properly, and food was not in good condition according to the inspection reports.

And a stunning claim came from a customer on April 3, reporting rat fetus was discovered in someone's carry-out food. Restaurant manager Kim Yu was even willing to show the picture he says was circulating on Facebook.

"The second day when we saw it, we ourselves called the health department," claims Yu.

Yu says the picture was sabotage made up by a local church pastor. The restaurant manager adds he is actually the one responsible for calling in the complaint so the health department would come and inspect to dispel the rumor. Inspectors came out the next day, and according to documents, did not observe any rats. Five Happiness has since been upgraded to a B rating.

Bumpers on Pearson Road in Pearl received a C in October when all food temperatures were found to be in the danger zone, according to documents, and flies were landing on open food.

The eatery earned another C in February. Chicken was thawing in buckets of water and again food temperatures were off, as documented on the inspection reports.

A representative with the health department says the Bumpers on Pearson Road in Pearl is currently at a Risk Level of 3. Risk Level 3 is a facility that serves potentially hazardous foods. That is, the food passes through the temperature danger zone more than one time. An example would be a restaurant that cooks hamburger meat, allows it to cool and then adds it to chili and heats it up again.

"These restaurants also have to have a manager trained in ServSafe class or equivalent course. Risk Level 3 facilities are inspected three times annually," says Anne Hogue, District Environmentalist, Public Health District 5. The restaurant has since scored a B.

Triple A Deli inside the New Deal grocery store on Northside Drive scored a C rating in November and again in January. A dead roach was found near food and employees were eating while serving customers, the reports stated. The restaurant has since improved to a B rating.

Finally, Santo Coyote in Richland scored a C in December and again in March for a variety of violations related to food storage and temperatures.

Manager Miguel Santos says high employee turnover is a factor.

"We have to keep training them all the time, explains Santos, "they find a better job, better pay, go somewhere else so [we] have to start all over again."

As Santos walked through the kitchen, he confirms he's now strictly following all health department regulations.

"If there's anything wrong, let us know, we'll get it fixed, get it right," reassures Santos.

Find out how your favorite restaurant ranks with the state health department.

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