Boy Scouts Protest Tolerance - - Jackson, MS

Boy Scouts Protest Tolerance

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Members of the Boy Scouts of America, are opposing a move to become more tolerant to homosexuals, within their own organization.

Friday members of a Boy Scouts sub-group calling themselves, 'On My Honor' held a protest in front of the Andrew Jackson Council headquarters. The protestors are saying 'no' to a resolution, that would allow openly gay members into the Boy Scouts.

Currently the Scouts don't ask members about their sexual orientation, and don't grant membership to homosexuals.

Funding from the Boy Scouts' 30 major funders could stop if the resolution is not passed.

"We teach tolerance to our kids, to all of our kids and when tolerance is being threatened the security, tolerance ends when the security of our children is jeopardized," said Michael Lowery of On My Honor.

The resolution to allow gays into the boy scouts will be taken up during a national meeting Thursday, in Grapevine Texas. 1,400 leaders from various councils across the country, will be voting on the issue.

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