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Hail damage repairs don't have to take forever

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Damage to homes and vehicles from the March 18th hail storm in the Jackson area is about 265-million dollars according to Mississippi Department of Insurance figures. Body shops have all the business they can handle, but you can still get hail damage repaired pretty quickly, if you shop around.

Some of the larger, more popular body shops, like Clinton Body Shop, may tell you it could be early 2015 before they can do paintless dent repair to your hail damaged vehicle.  

People have moved into the Jackson area from all over and set up temporary hail repair shops to try to take care of the demand, and body shops from out of state are advertising here.  

There are still some well respected local body shops, like Smith Brothers, where they will work you in, as we learned from part owner Dan Smith.

"Paintless dent repair, we can turn a car in about two days," said Smith." "If we are having to put roofs on, you know. it's taking a couple of weeks. We are probably going to be doing hail damage to Christmas."

Smith Brothers has brought in people like Vic Kucinskas, who is from Lithuania, to perform work like a $12,000 repair job on a BMW. Vic has worked all over the world.

Local body shop owner Buzz Miles, who works on Commerce Street downtown, is expanding his body shop because of demand.

"I am opening a body shop next door to help these people that don't want to wait two years, to get their cars fixed," said Miles.

While body shops are very busy repairing hail damage, if you shop around, you can find  somebody do the work for you.

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