Hundreds attend 5th annual 'Dragon Boat Regatta' - - Jackson, MS

Hundreds attend 5th annual 'Dragon Boat Regatta'

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With rows in hand and flowing to the beat of the drum, forty-five teams of co-workers from various companies and organizations tucked into a forty foot long boat competing for an infamous clay dragon prize trophy.

"There's first place in four divisions and then a grand champion trophy," said Paige Peterson the Executive Director of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

Getting one of those trophies isn't as easy as it looks.

"Oh, it's harder than I ever thought it'd be, the first few times we had were rough runs, but after awhile we kind of got the hang of it," said Mariane Allen, part of the group the "Row Ho Ho's."

Peterson said there's a technique to winning the ancient rowing tradition.

"An in sync team will win all the time over a stronger team, so the goal is to listen to the drummer and paddle to the beat," Petersen explained.

 Lisia Spikes, who works for Butler Snow hoped her team would've won their first race, they didn't do so bad, coming in second. Spikes said through the competition she met lots of co-workers she never knew before.

"We're out here like hey knowing each other for the first time I've talked to you on the phone or over email, but I didn't know who you were so it's kind of brought us together," said Spikes.

In addition to the hard work and comradery the "Dragon Boat Regatta" brought out some freedom lots of people typically don't have at work.

"Ya, we're going as pirates, we're the Row Ho Ho's so we're going pirate themed," said Wayne Allen, a NICU nurse for the Children's Healthcare of Mississippi.

Petersen said she hopes to turn the regatta into a fundraiser in the future.

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