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Lee, Lumumba prepare for Runoff Election

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We are now just hours away from Jackson's mayoral Runoff Election between candidates Jonathan Lee and Chokwe Lumumba.

With voters planning to hit the polls Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., Lee says his campaign isn't planning any major surprises.

"Today is another day. We're canvassing. We're making phone call. We've got campaign staff really working hard. We've put in the work," states Lee.

Lee goes on to say the secret to his success with voters so far during the mayoral race is meeting with community members face-to-face and acknowledging their concerns and needs.

"The secret to our success this far has been personal contact, knocking on doors, introducing myself, and really listening to them and understanding their issues," explains Lee.

Finally, the mayoral hopeful says giving voters what they want really isn't all that difficult because it's nothing more than rolling up your sleeves.

"The people want to know that they have a mayor that's going to come from behind the desk and actually work on solutions for their issues," Lee confirms.

Chokwe Lumumba's campaign, just hours before voters head to the polls, concentrated on talking directly to the residents of Jackson about bettering the streets.

"We're going to be out today talking to the people, talking to them about our basic plan for the improvement of Jackson," explained Lumumba. "From day one, when we get elected, we're going to get out on the streets and clean up the streets. We're going to begin to repave the roads and do the things that we need to for the water system."

Lumumba went on to address one of the biggest issues in the City of Jackson, the infrastructure.

"Infrastructure is big with us, because we think out of infrastructure comes the economy. If we make sure that we fix the infrastructure, and we insource the work, in other words, hire the people from Jackson and businesses from Jackson, it's going to help not only fix up the infrastructure but it's going to help us create jobs," assures Lumumba.

The winner of the Runoff Election with go head-to-head with Independent candidate Richard "Chip" Williams in the General Election June 4. 

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