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Walt's Look Around: Mule Plowing

NESHOBA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

School is almost out for the summer, and a couple of youngsters have a different kind of summer job. These are two brothers in Neshoba County on their father's farm. You'd think modern youngsters would want to use all the modern equipment. But these fellows prefer plowing with old fashion mules. But for modern reasons.

Thirteen-year-old Kalem and 12-year-old Cody Rogers will tell you that any kind of gardening, especially on the scale they garden on, is long, hot work. But their father, Wayne, says this is what the boys do in the summer.

"That's their summer job, and they make a pretty good dollar," said Wayne Rogers. "And it's hard work picking them peas out in the hot summer sun."

The boy's gardening enterprise is run just like any other business. The expenses have to be covered before any money is made.

The first thing Cody and Kalem have to do is pay their father back for the advance he gives them to buy the seed. And any other expense comes directly off the bottom line. That's why they prefer mules over a tractor.

"With mules it's cheaper and it also takes longer. ‘Cause that diesel fuel for all them tractors is high," said Kalem and Cody.

I would have thought there was a throw back to old times in the boy's use of mules. Maybe they saw granddaddy use a mule. But I'm thinking more of someone my age who might have remembered that," said Wayne. "no, their reasons are thoroughly modern. The economy, for example. And things granddaddy wouldn't have even thought about. The ecology."  

"Just not polluting the area around us. (not too much) actually the mule, they fertilize it," said Kalem and Cody.

Best of both worlds, non polluting, and what you do get is beneficial.

The boy's mom, Tammy Rogers, sees something entirely different her sons are learning that pleases her. "(They are) learning values that a lot of kids don't have today," said Tammy.

I'm almost tempted to call them old fashion values. But seeing as how these young entrepreneurs are thoroughly modern in their throwback to the old ways, we'll just call them time-proven successful living rules, learned from a hot summer's work behind a mule, just like the old days.

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