Lumumba: The system has changed since the 1970s - - Jackson, MS

Lumumba: The system has changed since the 1970s

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Chokwe Lumumba covered a wide range of issues in a one-on-one interview Wednesday evening. Lumumba is the winner of the Democratic Primary runoff for mayor of Jackson and he has a strong chance to win the June fourth general election.

We asked Lumumba about whether he still held the view of the Republic of New Africa, which first brought him to Jackson in 1971. The Republic believed that there should be a separate African nation made up of the six southern states.

"I think that movement was premised upon the fact that blacks were locked out of government," said Lumumba. "I think that was so in the early 70's when we came  here. So what we are doing now is we are taking advantage of the fact that the system has changed, to the point that our people can participate. And we feel we can get that justice now. And obviously the good people of Jackson are helping us."

We also asked Lumumba about his statement that under his leadership, Jackson will become a first class, a world class city. 

"We are going to deal with some big companies that are talking about giving some major loans, to  cities, like sometimes $300 million to $400 million dollars, trying to get those loans on a reasonable basis, so we have reasonable time to pay them back," said Lumumba. "Got to hire Jackson people, because every time I hire a person from Jackson, that person is not only going to receive a pay check but that person is going to pay money back into our budget."

Lumumba faces three independent candidates for mayor of Jackson in the June fourth election.  

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