More Devastating Tornadoes In Oklahoma - - Jackson, MS

More Devastating Tornadoes In Oklahoma

More Deaths And Misery In Oklahoma

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with some of the stories we'll have tonight at 10 on WLBT.

More devastation and death for Oklahoma tonight as tornadoes hit the state again!

Hinds County deputies are dishing out rides to jail tonight in Operation TBone! We'll tell you how they are getting and keeping criminals off the streets! Joe Barnes will have details.

A Maryland couple never gave up hope of finding their missing pet and today we caught the heart warming reunion on camera! Courtney Ann Jackson will have more!

Keep the umbrella handy! Walt Grayson says there is more rain in your First Alert Forecast for the weekend and he'll tell us if we could see severe weather!

And Sports Director Rob Jay says it was the agony of defeat for Ole Miss and Jackson State in NCAA Regional baseball and a professional basketball player is in town to give back to the community!

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