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Researchers say Avandia study is inaccurate

Once the top-selling diabetes drug in the world, sales of Avandia plummeted in 2007 after an analysis of studies suggested it increased the risk for heart attack.

Now the FDA is taking another look at the drug, after new research finds it may not be as dangerous as doctors once thought.

Experts at Duke Clinical Research Institute reanalyzed the study that assessed the heart risks for patients taking the drug Avandia. They found the drug is as safe as older diabetes drugs, and say they could not find any concerning heart risks.

A group of FDA advisors will vote on whether safety restrictions placed on Avandia in 2010 should be removed, adjusted or if the drug should be removed from the market.

There are only three thousand active prescriptions for Avandia in the U-S right now compared to nearly three million in 2009.

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