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Wednesday's Child -DeAndre

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We met this week's Wednesday's Child seven years ago with his two older brothers. DeAndre is now 13 years old and still waiting for a family. We went fishing the first time we met. This time DeAndre tries his hand at golf.

DeAndre is very respectful and loves praise for good behavior. In 2009 the Magnolia Crappie Club sponsored a fishing trip for DeAndre and his two older brothers. It was a first for DeAndre and so was playing miniature golf. But he says he is an athlete and a good sport.

"Tell me some of the things you like to do. Play football and doing math in school", said DeAndre.

DeAndre can be timid at times and likes to keep to himself. In addition to basketball he enjoys drawing, video games and spending time with his brother.

"My favorite football team is the Saints and I like the quarterback Drew Brees", DeAndre told us.

Going to school is not a problem for DeAndre, in fact he looks forward to being in class.

"I like to share, and have fun with my friends", said DeAndre.

DeAndre did not talk about his older brothers but he did say he wants to be adopted, and he's confused about why he does not have a permanent home.

"8 brothers and sisters. You have 8 brothers and sisters? 8 brothers and 6 sisters. Add it up to make 14. Do you get to see any of them? I get to see one of my brothers", DeAndre said.

DeAndre needs a two parent, or single parent home with a strong disciplinary approach and parents who will possibly accept his brother.

To learn more about adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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