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Making a Difference: Magnolia Chicks and Roosters Line Dancing Group

LAKE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A couple of nights a week, the big hall inside Magnolia Hall, at Lake, Mississippi, reverberates with the sound of music; loud music to go along with the lively dancing of the Magnolia Chicks and Roosters Line Dancing Group.

They meet for fun, and have it, but the group originated for a very serious reason.  

"We got started back in 2008," said line dance group organizer Diane Penson. "I had an accident. I had extensive therapy that I had been going through and if you've ever had therapy you know what that's like. So during that time I had tried aerobics. We had like seven or eight people and it was so boring and so much work."

Then Diane discovered line dancing, and discovered she could exercise her injured leg and have fun at the same time. It wasn't long until others discovered they were getting more than a night out by joining the line dancers and started dropping in and coming back and even some becoming instructors.  

"I have come not in a very good mood," said instructor Cissy Gilbert. "But when we get out on that floor and we get in our circle and have our prayer and we start dancing, and we are happy. We love each other, and it's wonderful.  

"You know, at my age, you need to keep moving and it's easy to go sit down in a rocking chair," said instructor Louise Johnson. "But I love to come down here."  

"And my life is centered around, first god is first," said another instructor, Bonnie Floyd-Stowers. "My family's next. This dance is number three. That's just how important it is to me."  

"It was just a time in my life when I needed some joy in my life and this is what brought joy to my life at that time," said instructor Pam Ellis.      

So, as fun as this looks, a lot of people's other needs are being met in the process to boot scootin' across the dance floor.  

"There's a need, Walt, for this," said Penson  

‘A merry hearth doeth good like a medicine,' is the way King Solomon wrote it in the book of Proverbs. He probably didn't line dance, but only because it hadn't been invented yet.

And these folks are up for a lot more out of life because they started dancing. Who knew that a little movin' to the music could make that much of a difference.   

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