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Mother says Pit Bull attacked 5-year-old

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Kewanna McMath says her five-year-old son has forty-five stitches, all the result of a Pit Bull attack. She says people should know the potential dangers of these animals.

Twenty-one year-old McMath, lives at 150 Leavell Woods Drive, in south Jackson. She says a stray Pit Bull came through a partially open gate into her back yard and attacked her child.   

McMath keeps a Pit Bull in her back yard, on a chain. She says this dog belongs to her uncle.  

She believes the attacking dog was trying to get to the chained Pit Bull, when he started biting her child, five year old Kedarius.

"He was pulling my baby, it was like a tug of war," said McMath. "So I am thumping the dog in the head. If it had got my baby on the ground. You know what I am saying. A dog should not attack a human like that. You know what I am saying and I don't think they are good dogs anyway. As far as Pit Bulls they will turn on their own."

With the help of a friend, McMath says she was finally able to get the Pit Bull off of her child. She has been told by a doctor, that her son will fully recover from his wounds. 

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