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Your Week in Viral Videos: The new way to get things done

(Source: Yoram Bauman/YouTube) (Source: Yoram Bauman/YouTube)

(RNN) - There are certain aspects of corporate life people have to get used to - many of them tedious and soul-suckingly unbearable.

For instance, PowerPoint presentations have become the new TPS reports, and that's not good news for anyone.

One man found a way to make something many people find pointless and uninformative, well, pointless and uninformative - but with a strong sense of humor.

Universal language

Munenori Kawasaki is one of the best things about the disappointing Toronto Blue Jays.

He plays purely for love and cares nothing at all what people think of him. But anyone who saw him dancing in the dugout while playing for the Mariners already knew that.

Whether it's genuine or just self-deprecation, guys like Nuke Laloosh could learn a lesson from Kawasaki.

Goalie fail

A hapless netkeeper made his job a lot harder when he put a ball in his own net off his own foot.

And man, what a way to do it. Obviously, spitting isn't the only thing you shouldn't do against the wind.

Dog turns into pig

Don't laugh. It's a rare physiological mutation that occurs when…

OK, that's obviously baloney, and there's no use in trying to spin an explanation. Just watch the video.

Encounter with a wild beast

What do you do when a baby sea lion (yes, that counts as a wild beast) boards your boat and walks around like he owns the place?

You hit the record button. Duh! If you can spare the six minutes, your day will get that much better.


A "cymbal" of pride


Oldie but goodie: Dog pianista

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