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19 Action News Tornado Safety Tips

Lightening strike northeast Ohio. Lightening strike northeast Ohio.
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With summer storms there's always the potential for severe weather. The following are safety tips that will help keep you and your family safe:

• Tune in to one of the following for weather information: radio, local television, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio, cable TV, Ohio News Network or the Weather Channel.

• Meet with household members to create a plan for how to respond to tornado watches and warnings. Conduct regular tornado drills. When a tornado watch is issued, review your plan - don't wait for the watch to become a warning. Learn how to turn off the water, gas and electricity at the main switches.

• The safest place to be during a tornado is underground. Once there, try to find something sturdy you can crawl under. Getting underneath a workbench or heavy table will protect you from flying debris and/or a collapsed roof. If you have no basement or cellar, go to a small room (a bathroom or closet) on the lowest level of the structure, away from windows and as close to the center of the structure as possible.

• If you're outside, in a car or mobile home, go immediately to the lowest level of a nearby sturdy building. Sturdy buildings are the safest place to be when tornadoes threaten. Winds from tornadoes can blow large objects, including cars and mobile homes, hundreds of feet away. Tornadoes can change direction quickly and lift up a car or truck, tossing it through the air. Never try to out-drive a tornado.

• If there is no building nearby, lie flat in a low spot. Use your arms and hands to protect your head as tornadoes cause debris to be blown at very high speeds. Do not seek shelter under highway overpasses and bridges - weaker structures could be destroyed from the high winds and dangerous flying debris. You will be safer lying flat in a low-lying area where wind and debris can blow above you. 

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