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Miss. casinos get profit boost for first time in 4 months

(WMC-TV) - Luck was definitely a lady for some Mid-South casinos in May, leading to an increase in profits.

Casinos across Mississippi experienced four consecutive months of low numbers, but they are finally seeing a boost.

It is no secret that one of the biggest tourism drivers for the area is the casino industry. That is what brought the Smith family to Tunica County from Alabama.

"As long as I don't lose I'm fine," said Ira Smith.

Unfortunately, tourists like Ira Smith have not been generating as much revenue for the casinos since the floods two years ago. But last month's numbers revealed the first year over year improvement in 2013.

Webster Franklin with the Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau says new promotion campaigns are working.

"Our properties are doing a great job with promotions right now, so we're seeing a lot of people come into the summer season," said Franklin.

Robby Cole agrees that the campaigns could be working. He sat down at a blackjack table full of people from Georgia Thursday night.

"The two on the right were from north Georgia and the guy on my left was actually from Dahlonega, Georgia," he said.

Revenue from 18 Mississippi River casinos jumped more than $7 million from April to May.

Franklin hopes the numbers keep coming to furnish checks for those who really need them in Tunica County.

"It's the paycheck that turns over in the economy from the 11,000 casino employees that are working here," he explained.

Tourism leaders hope additional promotions and events this summer like the Delta Country Jam will bring more people down to the area to spend some money and maybe even win some too.

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