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Grandmother's CPR saves child from near-drowning

Grandmother Cari Wilson Grandmother Cari Wilson

A 2-year-old boy who nearly drowned Sunday is now home from the hospital, and his mother said he has no side-effects from the incident.

Faith Williams was swimming with her two sons, Phoenix and Cayden, in her mother's backyard pool in Murfreesboro.

Williams said as she was getting Cayden out of the pool, she turned around to see Phoenix, the 2-year-old, lying on the bottom of the pool. She called to her mother and sister for help.

"He wasn't moving. He wasn't breathing. I set him on the side and said, 'Mom, help me! Angel, help me! Right now,'" she said.

Phoenix's grandmother, Cari Wilson, began CPR.

"He wasn't breathing. He was blue," Williams said.

"I was scared. Very scared. I just didn't want him to die," she said.

After three rounds of CPR, she said Phoenix came around.

"When he finally coughing and crying, that's when I wrapped him in my arms and just held him and I didn't let him go till I saw a police officer," Williams said.

The family said doctors released Phoenix after an overnight hospital stay and said he's expected to be just fine.

Phoenix's grandmother learned CPR when she was in the ninth grade. She wants to take a refresher course now.

"My mom did a beautiful job, obviously. The baby's good and safe and happy," Williams said.

Williams learned CPR at the hospital where Phoenix was born two years ago; it's a class she recommends everyone take.

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