Your Turn: Medicaid - Rep. Cecil Brown - - Jackson, MS

Your Turn: Medicaid - Rep. Cecil Brown

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By Rep. Cecil Brown | email

The legislature has the opportunity to provide health insurance to 300,000 working Mississippians at minimal cost to the state. House and Senate Democrats recently offered a plan that would allow those working folks to purchase private, individual insurance policies paid for by federal funds.

Under our plan, if the federal government reneges on its promise to pay, the insurance policies would terminate, and the state would not be on the hook for future payments.

According to the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, our plan would mean billions of new federal dollars coming into the state over the next 10 years and the creation of some 9,000 new private sector jobs. In addition, the plan would result in a healthier, more productive work force.

The future of Mississippi's health care economy is at stake. Currently our hospitals are scheduled to lose millions of dollars of federal funds over the next several years.  The only way to prevent drastic cuts to hospital services and losses of health care jobs is to increase the number of Mississippians who have health insurance. That's what our plan does.

So far, the governor and other Republican leaders have said no to our plan. They are apparently willing to let working folks remain uninsured, even at the cost of losing hospitals. 

Democrats believe that is bad for Mississippi and will continue to fight for a health insurance plan that benefits the working folks of our state.

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