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Kopis Mobile - Business Matters

Military combat and surveillance... well, there's an app for that, and that innovative technology is being developed right here in central Mississippi.

Kopis Mobile has been in business for barely six months and the company located in an industrial complex on Liberty Road in Flowood is already fulfilling an order with the U.S. military.

"They've (military officials) learned that building something of their own isn't the smart way to do it," Kopis co-founder Henry Jones said.  "It's the slower way to do it, more expensive way to do it." 

Jones, who has a Ph. D. in aerospace engineering, is making it faster and more cost effective by using the same gadgets we use everyday.

"They're finding ways to use iPhone, Android devices, the Blackberries that all of us use," Jones said. 

However, a 21st century soldier is not worried about their Twitter timeline or Facebook status.  In this case a metal detector equipped with a smartphone and Kopis Mobile's app can instantly transmit crucial data to an operator at a command center.

"We have a metal detector that works great on it's own, but when you combine a smartphone with it you also get geo-location, audio, video, pictures," Jones said.

The Richton, Miss., native says the addition of the smartphone and Kopis Mobile's app technology their metal detector, called the TAC-X, becomes a "smart metal detector".

In a real world situation a soldier using the TAC-X can find a hidden weapons cache or a cell phone with critical information on it from a suspected insurgent. In real time the fore-mentioned operator at the command base can receive and analyze that data.  

Kopis Mobile is a five man operation. In addition to Jones, a former Navy Seal, a software specialist, a mechanical engineer and an electrical engineer makes-up the Kopis team.

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