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Will BCBS no longer be accepted at UMC?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A University of Mississippi Medical Center patient said he was told that the hospital will no longer be a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, starting Friday. The insurance company is the state's largest insurer.

According to UMMC Public Affairs, the hospital and insurance company have been in contract talks since February. They are in the process of renegotiating the contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield for reimbursement of medical services.

"We are in discussions with Blue Cross Blue Shield about contracts with UMMC and because they are ongoing we can't predict an outcome at this point," said UMMC spokesman Jack Mazurak. "We will certainly make UMMC patients and employees aware if it looks like there will be a cancellation of the contract."

Mazurak added that contract negotiations were initially scheduled to end July 28.

He said the medical center would continue to see BCBS patients, but depending on the service, they may face a higher out of pocket cost for services if there is a gap between the contract with UMMC and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Hospital officials said the contract negotiations would not affect state and school employees covered by BCBS because the insurance company only administers their coverage.

Wednesday Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi officials did not return our call for comment.

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