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Paula Deen's lawyers push to get one of plaintiff's attorneys off case


Lawyers representing Paula Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers in a sexual and racial discrimination lawsuit now want one of the plaintiff's lawyers kicked off the case.

Deen's team wants one of Lisa Jackson's attorneys disqualified from the case for what they call unethical conduct. A magistrate judge denied this request back in May, but now, Deen's lawyers are filing an appeal.

The unethical conduct accusations stem from a series of tweets sent out by one of Jackson's Atlanta-based lawyers, Matthew Billips.

Here's a few of the tweets taken from court documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, Savannah Division:

Follower: "How are you doing – I like your new avatar."

Billips: "I've been doing Paula Deen, in a strongly metaphorical sense"

Follower: "Why would you do Paula Deen? Aren't you affair of fat cooties? (sic)"

Billips: "Strongly metaphorical. I'm representing Lisa Jackson, who is suing her and her brother Bubba for harassment."

Follower: "You dress up as Paula Deen? I can see the resemblance"

Billips: "No. I plan on undressing her. Metaphorically."

Deen's lawyers called these tweets threatening, but Jackson's team fired back saying the tweets should not be taken literally. Instead, Jackson's team said, they were a reference to Mr. Billip's legal strategy to strip away Deen's "False persona and reveal her inner racist and sexist beliefs."

Deen's attorneys are currently in the process of appealing the judge's decision.

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