Lumumba says 'One City, One Aim, One Destiny' - - Jackson, MS

Lumumba sworn in as Jackson Mayor

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Chokwe Lumumba has been sworn in as Jackson's mayor, in a ceremony at the Jackson Convention Complex. Congressman Benny Thompson presided over the ceremony and the Mississippi Mass Choir provided music.

During his inaugural speech, Lumumba confirmed the appointment of Deputy Chief Lindsey Horton as Jackson's new police chief, and named Willie Owens as fire chief.

Lumumba also said he wants to make Jackson a city of diversity, unity and global appeal.  "We are all together.  We are one city.  We have to understand the aim is the same, the aim is prosperity and security for everyone of us, that's what the aim is.   That's our joint aim as a city.  That's where we are going to go as a city.  That's where were going to take Mississippi," said Lumumba.

Monday morning, The People's Inaugural Ceremony and Celebration began with an Inaugural Prayer Service at Word and Worship Church with Bishop Jeffrey Stallworth presiding and other metro-Jackson clergymen offering prayer and words of spiritual inspiration to Mayor-Elect Lumumba and other elected official attendees.

The final ward celebration was held Sunday evening at Leavell Woods Park.

Lumumba said it has been a perfect time for residents to get to know him and learn more about his vision for the city.

"One City, One Aim, One Destiny" is the theme surrounding what Lumumba calls the 'People's Inauguration'. However, he and voters know there is a lot of work to be done in the next four years.

"We've got to clean this city up. We've got to repair the roads, but that's not just a one man's job. It's not just the city workers job. It's a job that we all collectively participate in, either by paying taxes or by doing the work and various other mechanisms," Lumumba said.

"Streets, that's number one. Number two, a tougher police department so we can clean up the actual crime statistics, and also have a street cleaner to come by and pick up the trash on the side of the street. Take care of the weeds that are growing up on the sidewalks, because that's been my biggest problem in south Jackson, believe it or not, not crime," said Kenneth Johnson, Operations Director for Jackson Square Shopping Center.

The last event scheduled is the 'People's Inaugural Celebration', which will begin at 7 p.m. Monday evening at the Jackson Convention Complex.

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