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City develops plan to discourage jaywalkers on Central Avenue

(WMC-TV) - For years, the University of Memphis has wrangled over cost-effective solutions to the student jaywalking problem across Central Avenue. They are nearing a cheaper resolution.

Students parking in a parking lot on Central Avenue often cut through the grass and illegally walk across the street to get to their classes. But the city has come up with a plan to detour the jaywalking and lead them to one of three crosswalks instead.

Memphis students say jaywalking has become part of campus life.

"Yeah. Jaywalking definitely happens. You'll see big droves. Dozens of people at a time," said student Danny Grubbs.

Some students are not too keen on an upcoming construction project that will force students to use the crosswalks.

"I don't think it will be convenient for most students," said Angel Jones.

The city and school entertained several overpass options, but those were too pricey. The cheaper idea? To erect a fence along the parking lot, so students can't cut across the grass. They will be forced to use one of three crosswalks along Central Avenue.

"I think everybody should be forced to use the crosswalks for their own safety and the cars' safety as well," said student Tralyssa Hamer.

Though the state will fund the project, some students say the $1.9 million should be used on other things.

"It seems like a really minor issue. These are college kids. We're not talking about 12, 13-year-olds," added Grubbs.

The Memphis City Council is likely to approve routing the state money into the project at Tuesday's meeting.

No date is set for the start of the project.

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