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Pastor takes action to revitalize neighborhood

(WMC-TV) - A street that was once filled with trash and endless overgrowth is now a welcoming sight, all because one Mid-South church took action and called the Action News 5 Investigators for help.

Pastor Romalic Jones is trying to revitalize his street. What was once an uninviting atmosphere is now clawing its way back.

The abandoned furniture is gone. There is less trash. You'll notice freshly cut grass. They are all small victories for Inner Changing Souls Church on Old Getwell Road where it intersects with Knight Arnold

"We want that area to be presented as a livable and welcoming area," said Pastor Jones.

Fed up with the neighborhood surrounding his church turning into an illegal dumping ground, Pastor Jones called Action News 5 on June 7 after repeatedly getting no response from city hall.

"It just got to a bad place so we had to speak out and we wasn't being heard so we called you guys," he explained. "And then the next day the couches were gone and the streets were cleaned up."

He continued, "They moved pretty rapidly and we're all pleased."

Pastor Jones said there is still more work to do, but he plans to talk to nearby Lamar Avenue businesses about the litter. He will also stay doggedly protective of his church's neighborhood.

"Your voice is your power," he added. "We're not going nowhere. My goal is to make that neighborhood look the way it should and welcoming to anyone that comes through there."

Jones says he will not hesitate to take action again if the same issues arise.

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