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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Capitol St. eyesore

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You work hard to buy your own home and now it is surrounded by debris, overgrown land and abandoned, dilapidated houses. That's the dilemma of a west Jackson couple with a pile of debris next door that was once 3520 West Capitol Street, and across the street, an abandoned house that attracts unsavory guests.

They reached out to 3 On Your Side because they say they aren't getting help anywhere else in taking back their neighborhood.

Dudley and Leola Lovett take loving care of the property they've called home for 38 years. It's not unusual to see them sweeping and picking up debris from the yard, taking pride in their investment.

Married 47 years, the Lovetts are 73 and 72-years-old respectively and they've worked all their lives to own their house and land on 3524 West Capitol Street. Ask either one if they plan to move and their answer is an emphatic no.

"If it get blowed up, I'm gonna stay right here," said Leola Lovett.

What they don't want to stay is the debris next door; remains of a house that contractors pushed over in May just before Mother's Day. Before that, it was a burned out shell for three years.

"Pushed it down that Friday; came back that Saturday; finished pushing it; said they were going to get a truck and they were coming back and they never showed back up," said Lovett.

"I've called the Mayor's Action Line. I've called the complaint line. I've called home improvement or community improvement," Lovett added. "Frank Bluntson told me to call somebody and I called them; they didn't return my call. And Mrs. Stokes told me to call somebody and they didn't return my call."

Even more frustrating for the Lovetts is the abandoned house across the street and the overgrown lot next to it. The house was boarded up, but one of the boards has been removed and Leola Lovett says prostitutes frequent the place. You can see the property littered with beer cans.

"Disappointed being this is a state capitol," said Lovett. "We have to live in this kind of condition, you know, I don't think that's right. I think they oughta clean up the city, I mean, keep it clean, nice and clean."

Mrs. Lovett said a woman told her to call 3 On Your Side.

"She said when you call, ask for Howard Ballou; said I guarantee you'll get something done," she said

I called Kenneth Taylor, deputy director of the City of Jackson's Planning and Development division.

"The contractor doing the work had equipment failure problems," said Taylor. "The city will work with him to finish the job. I guarantee it will be done. The new mayor is committed to cleaning up the city."

We will keep you posted.  

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