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Historic Building Goes Up In Flames

Downtown Armory Consumed By Fire

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with a look ahead at some of the stories we'll have for you tonight at 10 on WLBT!

It is on a list of endangered historic landmarks in the state and tonight only a shell of the Hinds County Armory near the Fairgrounds remains after a devastating fire.  Roslyn Anderson will have details.

A Florence man has been arrested and charged with setting his own house on fire!

New at Ten.. Fireworks at the Canton Board of Aldermen's meeting today and tonight there are questions about the future of the city's Police Chief!

Will it rain on our 4th of July parades?  Chief Meteorologist Dave Roberts will tell us just when we can expect the rain to get here and how long it will last!

And Sports Director Rob Jay says this week, Bobby Cleveland takes us to the Reservoir on a search for Crappie!

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