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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Capitol Street Update

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We told you about an elderly couple in west Jackson, last week, who suddenly found themselves living next to a pile of rubble that used to be a house. A city official guaranteed it would be cleaned up, so we went back to see if there has been any progress.

The house is located on 3520 West Capitol Street and, as we told you, there is also an abandoned house across the street that appears to be a hangout for the criminal element.

When Leola Lovett called 3 On Your Side about the pile of rubble next door to her home, she was at wits end.

"I've called the Mayor's Action Line. I've called the complaint line. I've called home improvement or Community Improvement," said Leola Lovett. "Frank Bluntson told me to call somebody and I called them; they didn't return my call. And Mrs. Stokes told me to call somebody and they didn't return my call."

Lovett and her husband have lived in the house they paid for 38 years now. They don't plan to move and even at 72 and 73 years old, the Lovetts work hard to keep up their investment.

So, I called the City of Jackson and the Deputy Director of Planning and Development, Kenneth Taylor told me the contractor was having equipment failure problems, but Taylor guaranteed me the work will be done.

So, we went back exactly one week later and what we did we find? Still no change; nothing has been done and it's been this way for almost three months now. We will come again next week to see if Dudley and Leola Lovett are still suffering with this eyesore.

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