PETA accuses Mississippi meat company of animal cruelty - - Jackson, MS

Southern Quality Meats responds to PETA charges

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Southern Quality Meats of Pontotoc has responded to PETA accusations the company mistreats pigs before slaughtering them. Company President Don Haynie, Sr. admits the video was shot in one of SQM's facilities.

Haynie says PETA did not provide them a copy of the video, and they had to obtain it from another source earlier this week. He released a statement Friday.

"The video was taken inside SQM's facility where animals are stunned before further processing," said Haynie in a press release. "Although the majority of the video depicts correct stunning procedures, the video depicts two instances in which an animal was not rendered unconscious on the first stun. The two instances show a company employee using improper stunning techniques that are contrary to company policy and procedures. The individual in the video left the company for unrelated reasons and is no longer an employee."

Southern Quality Meats provides sausage to Mississippi Schools so PETA has sent a letter to the Mississippi Department of Education, urging the department to reconsider it's current contract with the facility.

The Department of Education released the following statement:

"The Mississippi Department of Education follows all appropriate state and federal guidelines in awarding food contracts."

PETA has also filed a complaint with the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service. Haynie says they have two UDSA inspectors on site at all times.

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