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Product turns smartphone into stun gun

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The Yellow Jacket turns your smartphone into a stun gun that can deliver a non-lethal jolt to an attacker. The Yellow Jacket turns your smartphone into a stun gun that can deliver a non-lethal jolt to an attacker.
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are hundreds of new products for your iPhone, but a new one may just save your life. The Yellow Jacket turns your smartphone into a stun gun that can deliver a non-lethal jolt to an attacker.

Two years ago, in Rankin County, our cameras captured a shocking example of police force using a taser. A man was ordered to surrender. He was surrounded, and taken down.

Jackson is a dangerous city number 8 among the nations most violent. reported 36 murders, 77 forcible rapes, and 454 robberies. For many, that's a very scary designation.

"I'm very careful, yes," said Jackson resident Kim Brewer.

"It doesn't take a lot of amperage or volts or a combination of the two to make you let go," said Lt. Butch Townsend of the Pearl Police Department. "That's what you are looking for to get you out of a bad situation."

Police issued tasers can knock you for a loop. Our investigation into personal protection lead us to a local store. I found a stun gun device you can conceal in your iPhone, and purchased it over the counter. It's legal and it's called The Yellow Jacket.

An attacker will try to catch you off guard, but you can be on guard with what appears to be a cell phone. It suddenly turns into a taser with 650-thousand volts. It's loud, bright and painful.

We talked to a professional boxer who specializes in self defense and his friend who were sparing behind Provine High School. I showed them the Yellow Jacket. 

"It's a whole lot safer than girls that don't know how to use a gun and carry those around," said Cody Ramey. "I'm impressed with it. The only time I saw something like this was in a movie."

A home invasion spurred this invention. It was created by a Louisiana army vet Seth Froome, who endured an armed robbery. The case transforms into a painful reality, ready to save battery life and, potentially, your own life.

We asked a mother of two if she thought it might protect her from a sudden assault.

"Wow. Hopefully that will stop somebody I'm sure,"said Brewer.

"You are not going to take a human life with these but don't play, don't even say I've got it and I'll use it," said Lt. Townsend. "If you've got it and you need it use it, Use it to it's maximum capability."

Police have to undergo extensive training to use their tasers, even get tased themselves in training.

Some folks we talked with expressed concerns about the potential for abuse with the less powerful Yellow Jacket.

"I don't think they should sell this," said Jackson resident Jonathan Henderson. "No, that's not good there."

Would you need a concealed weapons permit? Not in Mississippi. But before using less than lethal force, make sure it's for emergencies only.

People who have a history of mental illness or a felony can be turned down for the purchase of a stun gun. No one under 18-years-old can buy one in Mississippi. You can face fines and jail time.

Stun guns are not allowed on an airplane, law enforcement establishments or schools.

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