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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Capitol Street success

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Taking Back our Neighborhood has two updates; one on the elderly couple on West Capitol Street who are living next to a pile of rubble that used to be a house.

The other on a disabled woman, first introduced in 2011, whose next door neighbors are the creatures that live in the house that weeds have taken over.

They look like ordinary dumpsters to anyone passing by, but they are dreams come true for Dudley and Leola Lovett.

Leola Lovett said, "It's a joy! it's a joy! it's a joy! My eyes won't get too sore now. Having not to look at the eyesore over there."

The couple has been living next to a burned out, then pushed over house next door on West Capitol Street for three years. Despite repeated calls, Leola Lovett says no one was doing anything to help them until she turned to WLBT News.

Claude Smith, Community Improvement Manager for the City of Jackson says the contractor has been contacted and heavy equipment will be on site Tuesday, loading the dumpsters with debris and hauling it away, giving the Lovetts back, at least partially, the neighborhood they invested in more than 30-years-ago.

Dudley Lovett said, "Y'all are great. Y'all [are] the only [way] we can get some help. The rest of them we call; they never return the call."

The news, however, is not so good for Majorie Purnell. The eyesore next door to Purnell's home was introduced to Taking Back our Neighborhoods back in August 2011. It was an overgrown mess back then. Today, it's worse!

Marjorie Purnell said all of her calls have fallen on deaf ears.

She said, "No one has contacted me, nor been by to check on me."

Purnell continued, "Recently, we were leaving for dinner and a snake ran across my yard. I called animal control; no one ever came. So, it's just problems."

Purnell said, "I wish Mr. Priester would help me if he can, and Mr. Lumumba, who was my former council person."

Help may be on the way this time. Community Improvement Manager Claude Smith tells me the problem is a contractor had not completed the job on 6328 Abraham Lincoln Drive to the city's satisfaction, and since then, there is a new owner.

So, Smith said the nuisance property will be written up again and it will go to an administrative hearing judge in August, so that another contract can be awarded to clean up the property.

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