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Child attacked by American Bulldog

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An 8-year-old boy was attacked by a dog Wednesday afternoon in Rincon.

The boy was walking down Green Bay Avenue from his grandfathers house when he was mauled by an American bulldog right behind a home. Thanks to a nearby homeowners quick response and the use of a rake, she was able to get the dog off the boy.

"I ran out the back," said Amanda Burk, a witness who was inside her home when she heard a terrifying cry for help. 

"I didn't think about anything. I ran up to him. He was screaming please, please, help me, help me. I picked up a plastic rake and stick as I was running. I started hitting the dog with it, trying to dislodge him from the boy. He wasn't going to let go. The boy was screaming he had a knife in his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. I started stabbing the dog," explained Burk.

Burk said she could tell the dog was not going to release it's deadly grip on the boy.

"The dog finally released to get a better grip and I stuck a stick in its mouth," Burk said.

Another neighbor pulled up on a four wheeler and got the boy away.

"He was very scared," stated Burk. "He was very shook up. The officer said he had a lot of bruises, but no bleeding because the dog was actually a rescue dog."

"Through our investigation with Rincon police, the dog was probably used as a bate dog in the past," said Effingham County Public Information Officer, David Ehsanipoor. "The lady that had the dog now said she rescued the dog and his teeth were filed down as well."

"Clearly with its teeth filed down. It was aggressive," said Burk. "It makes you rethink. Do these dogs belong in homes or should they be put down?"

Burk is just thankful the boy is still alive. It could have been a lot worse.

"The dog was trying to wear the boy out enough to get him on the ground to kill him," said Burk.

Judy Stanley, the owner of the American Bulldog, was arrested and cited for having a dog at large among other charges. The dog remains at animal control under quarantine.

The boy remains in a hospital and is being treated for his wounds. He is expected to be OK.

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