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Sheriff, county administrator disagree on jail maintenance

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Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says there was a disturbance at the Detention Center Thursday afternoon. Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says there was a disturbance at the Detention Center Thursday afternoon.
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Hinds County Administrator Carmen Davis is disputing some of the things Sheriff Tyrone Lewis said Thursday about maintenance at the detention center.

After a disturbance Thursday, Sheriff Lewis said that inmates got out of their cells in Pod A and flooded the pod. The sheriff blamed the faulty locks on the cell doors and the Hinds County maintenance department for not fixing them.

"If they can hold the maintenance director Michael Harrington accountable to do preventative maintenance and maintain the maintenance of this building, then my job would be easier because my job is to run this facility," Lewis said.

Friday afternoon, County Administrator Carmen Davis released a statement disputing what the sheriff said about the maintenance.

"All of the locks were repaired and replaced last summer as identified by the Sheriff. The repairs have not been ignored," Davis said in a statement. "We have many work orders presented to the Maintenance Department that have been completed."

Sheriff said this type of disorder happens on a daily basis. He added that pods A and B are not functional to house inmates and maintain order. Lewis says until the cell doors are fixed there will continue to be disturbances at the jail.

Davis says inmates damaging or destroying county property is a big part of the problem.

"I have communicated with the sheriff several concerns as it relates to the inmates damaging county property," said Davis. "However, I have yet to receive a response as to how he could address this concern."

Lewis also says a guard overreacted to the situation and called for backup. There were reports of smoky odor, but no fire was ever found.

Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes and other county leaders are under the belief the jail can't be fixed due to faulty construction.

Since last summer, more than $4 million has been allocated to make repairs at the jail. Now, the county administrator's management of county funds and the sheriff's ability to corral prisoners is in question.

"Now you got the sheriff pointing his finger at the maintenance and county administrator, you got the maintenance and county administrator pointing at the sheriff, well who's laughing is the criminals," Stokes said.

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