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Jackson woman, child still missing 25 years later

Annie Laurie Hearin Annie Laurie Hearin
Hearin home 1988 Hearin home 1988
Newton Alfred Winn Newton Alfred Winn
Daphne Tullos Daphne Tullos
Daphne Tullos (Age Progression) Daphne Tullos (Age Progression)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Friday will be the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of Annie Laurie Hearin and Daphne Tullos.

No connection has ever been made between the two cases except they both disappeared on the same day in Jackson.

Annie Laurie Hearin disappeared from her Woodland Hills house without a trace July 26, 1988. 

Seven-year-old Daphne Tullos disappeared from her northwest Jackson home and no trace of her has ever been found either. The National Center for Missing Children has used age progression photo technology to show how she would look now.

Annie Laurie Hearin's husband, Bob Hearin, was one of the richest men in Mississippi at the time of her disappearance, and sent out more than a million dollars to people he thought might know where his wife was. Much of the money was returned with no luck.

A 65-year-old Florida man, Newton Alfred Winn, was convicted of conspiracy to kidnap in the case. He was represented by court appointed attorney John Collette.

"Newton Alfred Winn told me he didn't do it, and I accept that," said Collette.

Collette believes the FBI did a good job looking for Hearin.

"Search Florida, search Louisiana and the Jackson-Fondren area and very little of evidentially value was discovered," add Collette.

Former Jackson Police Chief Jim Black doubts the case will ever be solved unless there is a confession.

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