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Homemade sign warns people about crime in the neighborhood

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A 34 year old northeast Jackson woman has attracted a lot of attention, with a home made sign, in her front yard. She is warning people who live in the area, that her house and neighbors on either side, have been broken into recently.

The house is very close to Old Canton Road and the sign can easily be read from the street. It says, in part, "Warning, our home was robbed while we were home on Thursday July 26th, 2013."

She goes on to warn people in the neighborhood to "Be aware, protect your home and families."  

Jessica Rainey has three children, 17, 10 and five, and works nights. She is very unhappy about the break in, that occurred while her children were there.

"My baby was in here and they were in the room with her," said Jessica. "She was asleep."

She has no complaint about the way the Jackson Police Department investigated the case and hopes they will follow up and help her recover some of her great grandmother's jewelry.  

Jessica still loves Jackson and wants to stay.      

"I'm not really scared, I am more angry," said Jessica. "How dare you walk in my home. She was saving money for her bike all summer, they stole her money. She lost her stuff and they stole her things that she worked hard for you know."

She says her neighbors have thanked her for putting up the sign and are heeding her warning. In all cases the burglars entered rear windows of the houses.

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