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Parents complain of transportation issues after first day of school

(WMC-TV) - School transportation problems seem to be the biggest concern for parents after the first day of school in Shelby County.

Brannon Howse's children go to Bailey Station Elementary School in Collierville. House says his kids were 90 minutes late getting home from school Monday.

"When you don't know for about an hour where your child is, that's a little concerning this day and age," he said. "We didn't get a phone call, didn't get a text, phone tree, nothing like that."

Shelby County Schools is calling the transportation a nightmare. The transportation supervisors were receiving calls well into the night Monday from concerned parents.

"What I was told by the school board, by SCS, was that bus drivers had been given updated schedules over the weekend and not all of them got the updated schedule," said Howse.

School leaders say that with every new school year come kinks in the transportation plan. They hope to have the problems worked out by the end of the week.

"We pay a lot of property taxes. One of the services we're guaranteed is safe and proficient transportation," Howse continued.

Shelby County Schools officials are asking parents to be patient and call the transportation office if there is a problem with your child's bus route.

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