Your Turn: Supervisor Kenneth Stokes responds - - Jackson, MS

Your Turn: Supervisor Kenneth Stokes responds

Hello. I am Kenneth I. Stokes, Hinds County Supervisor District Five.

State law requires Hinds County to operate with a balanced budget.

Kenneth I. Stokes will never vote to break the budget of Hinds County.

Hinds County cannot afford to fund the primary elections.

These primary elections are not even necessary.

Tell the truth Danny Modisett. What backroom deals are behind you and your commentaries?

Careful Dan, your station's racist past is showing.

WLBT could make a fortune with you in a reality TV show starring as Forrest Gump.

Maybe then we, the viewers of WLBT, could get some commentaries without all the lies and a general manager who is qualified instead of a Frank Melton want-to-be.

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