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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- South Drive leak fixed

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Malcolm May lives on 4835 South Drive and his front yard had been a virtual bog because of a leak in a pipe the city of Jackson was responsible for repairing.

When Malcolm May called 3 On Your Side 3 months ago, the flooding in and around his property was unbelievable and it hadn't even rained.

The problem was a broken pipe in a ditch and the city's responsible for it and it's been broken for 7 years.

"It's hard to cut the grass in certain spots because the water just sits there," said May.

May's repeated calls to the City of Jackson didn't help all those years, so the frustrated tax paying homeowner called 3 On Your Side.

"Right after y'all came out, somebody came out from the city and assess the situation and determined the, it was on their side of the right-a-way and the very next day, they came out and they rectified the problem," said May. They came out and they fixed it."

And May's property looks a whole lot better now; no more overflowing drainage ditch and he doesn't need hip boots to walk across his yard anymore.

"So, if it hadn't been for 3 On Your Side, if it hadn't have been for WLBT, it wouldn't have gotten fixed," said May. "I still would've had that same problem had it not been for WLBT."

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