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Primos Hunting Calls - Business Matters

FLORA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Louisiana may have a "Duck Dynasty", but Mississippi has the Primos empire. Primos Hunting Calls in Flora has become a multi-million dollar business by becoming one of the most trusted names with hunters across North America.

The art of the hunting call is something Primos founder, Will Primos has been perfecting since he made his first duck call at 11 years old.

"Wouldn't make a sound, but I had the outside looking good," Primos described. "It made a little sound but it wasn't going to call a duck."

Like all great entrepreneurs failure did not stop him, and by using simple materials he was selling his homemade turkey calls by 1975. 

"I got some snips, a tin beer can, some glue, and went into the service station and bought some, we called them 'rubbers' back then," Primos explained.

Turns out the key ingredient to his calls are condoms. 

"Other people had been taking prophylactic type material that is very thin and vibrates very easily by putting it on a horseshoe frame in your mouth," Primos said.

Primos said you can not buy latex in sheets, so part of the assembly includes a team of workers cutting up condoms, one-by-one.  

With 42 patents now, it is that type of innovation that led Will and his cousin, Jimmy Primos, to leave the family's well-known restaurant business and make calls full-time in 1990. Jimmy Primos described their motivation of mixing their passions of business and hunting.

"We wanted to build a company where people smiled when they came to work, people were having fun when they worked," Jimmy Primos said.

In addition to high quality products their ability to market themselves on TV by sharing their love of hunting with outdoorsmen has helped them become one of the best-selling brands in the industry.

"Because what we've done over the years with hunting DVDs and our hunting show on the Outdoor channel, people feel like they know us," Jimmy Primos said.

That likability has translated into $54 million in annual sales, which helps them to employ 100 people at two locations in Mississippi. Primos has been bought twice: once in 2004 and again in 2012 by Bushnell headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

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