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Brain surgery done in some epilepsy cases

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A surgery that literally removes half a patient's brain appears to be beneficial in the long-term. The procedure is a last resort for children who suffer from severe epilepsy.

Experts believe removing the diseased portion of the brain stops seizures and the brain learns to work without the areas that were removed.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic reviewed the medical records of nearly 200 patients and found more than half were seizure free after the procedure. The remaining patients saw a significant drop in seizure activity.

Additionally, more than two-thirds were able to speak and walk independently and sixty percent attended mainstream schools.

Outside experts say the procedure isn't without risk and not all patients have excellent outcomes. However, when faced with a lifetime of severe disability, most parents are choosing this procedure for their children.

- Study published in the journal Epilepsy.
- Study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic.

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