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Heartbroken father wants daughter to press charges

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A heartbroken and concerned father comes to WLBT, hoping to encourage his daughter to protect herself. 

We talked with the father of a young woman who was brutalized by her boyfriend. The beating was caught on cell phone video and it has gone viral.

As we first told you we have learned from Ridgeland Police the man in the video is 22-year-old Xavierroman Jones of Jackson. Jones was arrested July 28th in Ridgeland, charged in the burglary of the Verizon Wireless store on County Line Road. He was also charged with possession of marijuana, and for having a suspended driver's license.

The father of the young woman in the cell phone video talked with us Friday evening along with his son. We have agreed not to release his identity. He told us his daughter has been dating Jones for three or four years and they have a nine month-old son. He says he fears for the safety of both and suspected Jones had been violent with his daughter. He wants her to press charges against Jones.

"It's very painful. You know I've had my moments..(crying)..It's hard for a father to see his child get beaten for no reason", the father told us.

So far his daughter has refused to press charges against Jones. The father says during the beating, the couple's son, his grandchild was on the back seat of the car. He says she told him Jones was angry because she refused to give him her car keys.

Jones is scheduled to be back in court in Ridgeland, August 27th.

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