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Miss Mississippi annual trunk show 2013

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

 It is a return to tradition for the Miss America Pageant. The national competition is moving back to Atlantic City from Las Vegas.

Miss Mississippi 2013, Chelsea Rick, is hoping to also return the Miss America crown to the Magnolia state.

Sunday afternoon she gave supporters a look inside her wardrobe for the upcoming pageant at the Annual Trunk Show, at the Vicksburg Convention Center.

Chelsea Rick who was crowned Miss Mississippi 2013, July 13, has spent the last six weeks preparing, and hoping to be the next winner of the national title. The pageant has been moved from January back to September so Rick has had to squeeze in 6 months of work into just a few weeks.

"We did paperwork for almost two weeks straight and from then on we had official head shots taken, we've had appearances, we still had speaking engagements and things like that. We've been jam packing it with dresses and wardrobe fittings and everything. No stone unturned in preparation for Miss America", Rick told us.

Rick will have to take enough wardrobe for two weeks of Miss America events in Atlantic City. Everything from an Atlanta Braves baseball game, she is a Braves fan, to her arrival outfit, a fashion show, the judge's interview, and of course the evening gowns.

"It's not my official evening gown, but I'm going to wear it as an off night evening gown, actually when they announce the preliminary awards", explained Rick.

Miss Mississippi modeled the same swimsuit that helped her claim victory at the state pageant last month. The Miss America swimsuit is under lock and key.

"We just got our Catalina swimsuits in, mine is black and gold, so I really actually like it a whole lot. It's a great swimsuit, its a great quality swimsuit and after Miss America, then its gonna hit the shelves at Walmart in January", Rick said.

And in talent she will perform the song made famous by Ava Gardner in "Showboat", Can't help Loving That Man of Mine, which she won a talent preliminary for at Miss Mississippi.

Rick leaves for Atlantic City, Labor Day.

The new Miss America will be crowned Sunday September 15.

There have been four Miss Americas from this state. The last Miss Mississippi to win the crown was Susan Akin in 1985.

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