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Sugar-sweetened tea might be an understatement

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Do you know how much sugar is in your iced tea? If you didn't make it, the amount might surprise you.

Clint Carter is with Men's Health magazine and contributor to Fitbie.Com. "The problem is sugar is cheap and easy to hide."

Carter looked at a 30 ounce cup from McDonald's. "It's a big cup, but you wouldn't expect it to have as much sugar as two snicker's bars or three of McDonald's ice cream cones. And that's what you get when you drink this."

What about half-n-half lemonade, half tea, from Snapple? "When they're talking about made from the best stuff on earth, they're talking specifically about sugar. This bottle has as much sugar in it as 5 Krispy Creme donuts," Carter said.

Carter was surprised at what they found in Starbucks iced green tea latte. "It's like putting 45 sugar cubes in your tea." Cherry pomegranate black tea from Turkey Hill was found to have 52 grams of sugar in a 16 ounce serving. 

Lipton can be synonymous with tea. "It took them 14 ingredients to make this tea and I don't know but when I make tea at home, I use 2 ingredients, three if you count ice," Carter said.  He also recommends making your own iced tea to cut sugar and calories. 

NBC reached out to the five manufacturers of these iced teas. McDonalds told us, they listen to their customers' preference for sweetness and provide nutritional information. "In addition to sweet tea, McDonald's offers a variety of sweetened and un-sweetened beverage options," according to their statement.

Snapple told us, "a key to healthy living is enjoying foods and beverages in moderation and balancing calories consumed with calories burned." They, too, have a range of products, some with ten or fewer calories.

Lipton said their brisk tea has lowered the amount of sugar in their bottles and now provide other alternatives such as their "pure leaf not-so-sweet" line.

Starbucks says their iced green tea latte is considered more a latte than an iced green tea, and some of the sugar content in it comes from the lactose milk, even in nonfat milk. And they added, there is a regular un-sweetened iced tea line that's five calories, regardless of drink size.

Turkey Hill dairy says the amount of sugar in its cherry pomegranate black tea is within the range of other common drinks on the market. But they also produce iced teas with little or no sugar.

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