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Beemon Drugs - Business Matters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They are usually filling their customers' prescriptions, but lately the folks at Beemon Drugs in northeast Jackson have been filling their trophy case. Since 1956 Beemon has been a flagship business in Maywood Mart, which is part pharmacy, part time capsule.

Its history in the area is indicated by a sign over the front door reading, "Filling Jackson's needs for 50 years".  Now, going on 57 years, owner Lester Hailey has been with Beemon for the last 36 years and he says it is a special place.

"Good clientele, business is good, great area, northeast Jackson still a good place to live and work," Hailey said.

Everything Hailey mentioned is a big reason the Independent Pharmacy Cooperative selected Beemon Drugs as its MVP, Most Valuable Pharmacy, for 2013 out of the IPC's more than 4,000 independent member pharmacies nation-wide.

"It's quite an honor," Hailey said. "We were their Most Valuable Pharmacy."

Hailey said the honor came as a surprise, but he's not surprised by Beemon's consistent ability to compete with national drug store chains, such as, Walgreen's and CVS.

"The big boys (national chains) are kind of factored out a little bit now with insurance being about the same at all places," Hailey said. "We just try to give good service, try to be quick and polite, just try to treat people they way they want to be treated."

After receiving his pharmacy degree from Ole Miss he came to Beemon in 1977. About 10 years ago he took over full ownership of Beemon.

Hailey says the IPC recognition is nice, but the real award for him is the generations of customers that continue to come to Beemon to have their needs filled.

"It's kind of fun being here for such a long time," Hailey said. "You see generations, second and third generation families."

Hailey currently has 19 employees, 12 of which are full-time, and he says it is the best staff he has ever had.

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