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Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: When The Levee breaks, plus scores

(WMC-TV) - What's missing at The Levee isn't just the men's room sink.

What's missing is any respect for private property.

The college students who lack that respect cost the Oxford establishment dearly in its latest health inspection.

The Levee, 1008 Jackson Ave., earned a "C," the lowest grade a Mississippi establishment can earn, in its latest inspection Aug. 30:

"proper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use NOT OBSERVED"

"food contact surface cleaned & sanitized NOT OBSERVED"
"hands clean and properly washed NOT OBSERVED"

"adequate hand-washing facilities NOT IN COMPLIANCE"

Operating partner Griffin Tanner admitted his bartender failed to stock the bar sink with paper towels -- a hygiene violation.

Tanner also admitted his establishment took a hit for the dishwasher not properly sanitizing. It's fixed.

But he added The Levee would have earned a "B" if some rowdy Rebels hadn't ripped the sink right out of the men's room.

"Our bathroom sink has actually been destroyed," he said. 

He said the very morning after Hotty Toddy went rowdy on the sink, the health inspector showed up, of course.

"If you don't have a place to wash your hands for patrons or employees, you're not in compliance for health code," he admitted.

He said The Levee suffers $500 a month in damages by rowdy customers, especially during Ole Miss football weekends.

"It's not uncommon for us to have to replace a toilet or mirror, paper towel dispenser, something like that," he said. "With the volume that we do, by the time we catch them, the damage has already been done.

"We have a plumber ordering us something that's a little more durable that can stand up to the college kids."

Sounds like some Ole Miss 'college kids' need to calm down.

Because when The Levee breaks -- because you broke it -- it's The Levee that has to answer the inspection.

Yeah. I remember my first beer...


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