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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Nightmare on Tougaloo Street

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's a house in west Jackson hidden by tall grass and thick brush. It's located on 3123 Tougaloo Street and neighbors are fed up with the eyesore no one seems to care about.

Calls to the owner and the City of Jackson have produced no results, so one neighbor called three on your side on the condition they remain anonymous. It's the subject of this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

You've seen some bad ones in previous reports, but the Tougaloo Street house ranks pretty high or should we say pretty low when it comes to eyesores. Not only has it been taken over by weeds and brush, it smells bad and there are signs of illicit activity all over the property.

It's also a perfect place to hide a stolen car. Police found one here about two years ago.

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, says she called me because she was getting nowhere with anyone about cleaning up this mess.

The Hinds County Real Property Billing Roll identifies the owner as Eleanor Wilson and the Bank of New York. The 3 On Your Side caller said she has called the Mayor's Action Line, community improvement and all of the proper channels to get something like this taken care of, but it only gets worse.

I contacted Kenneth Taylor with the City of Jackson's code enforcement office, but, so far, I have not received a response.

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