President Obama Not Backing Down - - Jackson, MS

President Obama Not Backing Down

The President Makes His Case

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with a look ahead to some of the stories you'll see tonight on the WLBT 10PM Report!

New at ten..President Barack Obama says he has no doubt if this country fails to take action,  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will continue to use chemical weapons.

Also new information tonight on the federal trial for Marco Laquin Rogers who is accused of sex trafficking involving a 3 year old girl.

Three school districts could be taken over by the state. Claiborne County, Leflore County and Yazoo City School Districts are failing state standards, but argue they should not be taken over.

We got some much needed rain finally! Chief Meteorologist Dave Roberts says scattered showers and thunderstorms were reported for some areas while others are still bone dry! He'll have your First Alert Forecast and just a hint, he says cooler temps are on the way!

In Sports, Travis Recek will have an update on a football player who was in jail but is now with a team in this state, and takes a look at the football woes of USM!

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