Making a Difference: Norris Homemakers Club - - Jackson, MS

Making a Difference: Norris Homemakers Club

SCOTT COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They say it's the little things that mean a lot, and the Homemakers Club in the little Scott County community of Norris is making little things that really mean a lot to youngsters who are patients at the children's hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

When you are a child in a big place like the hospital it can be awfully imposing. It's especially hard on the parents or grandparents of youngsters when their child is a patient there.

That happened to Carolyn Nester a while back. She had a grandchild at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital. She stayed at the Ronald McDonald House, and when it was all over, she came back to her Homemakers Club in Scott County with an idea.

They all liked quilting anyway. Why not make children's quilts and donate them to the hospital? 

Michelle Revord, Director of Pediatric and Education Services at UMMC, says the community support that they provide means a tremendous amount to the hospital

"The individual blankets, when we give them to a particular child, particularly a little boy or a little girl that's really not feeling well and they come in and they get a quilt that's been hand made and trust me, the parents recognize that they have been hand made, it means the world to them," Revord said.

Each of the quilters pledged to make at least 10 quilts a year, although some will do more. There is thread and cloth invested, of course, but what these quilters are really giving away is what everybody has, but nobody has any to spare, and that's time.  

"I'd say it takes me probably two weeks to complete one; completed, put the border around it and everything," said Julia Sorey of the Norris Homemakers.

"When you start one, you can't wait till you get through with that one so you can start another one," said Caroline Netser of the Norris Homemakers.

"Because we try to pick out something that fits the personality of the child as well, and they just snuggle up with it and it means the world to them," added Revord.

Making these quilts isn't something the homemakers have to do.

"It was just something that we needed to pass on," Nester said. "Pay it forward."

But to a youngster who is in the hospital and isn't feeling well to begin with, the colorful homemade quilt they get from the Norris Homemakers of Scott County really Makes A Difference.

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