Video released of court reporter's arrest - - Jackson, MS

Video released of court reporter's arrest

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In dash cam video obtained by WLBT, you can see a Pearl patrol car pull over a blue convertible on the side of I-20 back in June. The unidentified officer asks court reporter Kimberly Parkman Smith to get out of the car. That's when she starts to plead her case.  

"I am Circuit Judge Tommie Green's court reporter. Ok. She was following me. How much have you had to drink? I just had one drink," Smith can be heard saying in the video.  

She refers to Danette Horne, who pulled up in a white car during the traffic stop.  

The officer appears to ask Smith to perform a field sobriety test, but she refuses.

"I've got to be in court in the morning or (unclear audio)," said Smith.

"Alright put your hands behind your back," the officer told Smith.  

Smith again attempts to plead her case by explaining her boyfriend works for the Hinds County Sheriff's Department.

"You reminded me of that every time and who you work for ever since I got you stopped," the officer said to Smith.

Later the officer reminds Smith he pulled her over for doing 82 miles per hour on I-20.

"Please don't arrest me," Smith pleaded.  "Well, I have no choice ma'am," the officer replied. 

Smith pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. She was ordered to pay fines and court costs. 

Horne's probation sentence was expunged and another charge was dropped. 

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