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Business Matters: Musee Bath

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

She says she's not really a business woman, but a Madison County entrepreneur has her bath balms sold across the country. She even has the attention of domestic diva Martha Stewart.     

In 18 months, Leisha Pickering's Musee Bath team has turned handmade bath balms from a simple craft for the Livingston Farmers Market into a product sold nation-wide.

"We certainly didn't create the original bath bomb, but we changed it a little bit," said Pickering. "We took a product and tried to add our little whimsy to it."

Pickering's creativity is on full display when you look at the variety, each named after a song, and some with a special twist.

"We have one called 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' and it has a little diamond in it, or we have one called 'Rubber Ducky" and it has a little ducky," said Pickering.

It's those nuances that has caught the attention of Martha Stewart. Musee Bath has been nominated in a contest on Stewart's website called "American Made." 

Through online voting Musee is competing against craft makers all over the U.S.

"It would give you more national exposure and then come back, allow to expand and hire more folks," said Pickering.

And for Pickering, that's what Musee has always been about. While creative, turns out her most rewarding creations is jobs.

"I had an idea that if we could take a handmade product, that you could teach people to make, that we could create jobs in that area," added Pickering.

So far, six people are making hundreds of balms a day, and with Musee in 200 stores across the country and counting, Pickering expects she'll need some help.

While they are looking to expand at Musee, and hire more hands, Pickering is not looking for a raise. She doesn't take a salary.

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