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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Meadow Forest mess

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Every time I think I've seen the worst eyesore, another one pops up in another neighborhood. This time it is an abandoned house in south Jackson at 3058 Meadow Forest Drive, brought to my attention in a Facebook message from Edward Bogan. He said the Mayor's Action Line has been called several times and no action has been taken.

There are some very nice, well-maintained homes along Meadow Forest Drive in south Jackson, but 3058 Meadow Forest Drive is not one of them. It's hard to imagine there is a house inside the thick overgrowth that surrounds the structure.

"To me, it's a disaster," said Angela Brown.

Brown just bought her dream home across the street, but it's rapidly turning into a nightmare because of 3058 Meadow Forest Drive and the problems that go along with a nuisance property.

"Cuz we have a pet and that's the first place it run to," said Brown. "And I have kids and walking back and forth to bus route, you never know who's over there, who's gonna pop out, because it's so much going on."

"I tell my son all the time when he's walking down the street, walk on the opposite side," said Talvia Martin, who also lives near the eyesore.

Martin has put up with this eyesore much longer.

"I mean it's been like that the last few years that I have been in this neighborhood and no one has did anything." said Martin.

"This street is so quiet and it's so respectable that the house really throws it off," added Brown. "I would like for whoever owned the house to get it cleaned up."

So, who owns this property? The Hinds County Real Property Billing Roll shows Thomas C. Knight as the owner until it was taken over by the state in a 2012 tax sale. The house was built in 1958.

I called City of Jackson community improvement manager Claude Smith. He says the city paid a contractor 260-dollars in 2011 to clean up the property. Since then, Smith says a summons was issued in 2012 for environmental court to declare it a nuisance property.

After I called, Smith says he dispatched code enforcement officers to take pictures of the eyesore and, he says, city officials will go after the owner to get this mess cleaned up and help residents there Take Back Their Neighborhood.

We will keep you posted and let you know if there is any action on 3058 Meadow Forest Drive.
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