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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A metro area advertising company is staying true to its roots by producing book trailers as a part of its marketing platform. Now, national publishers are using Mad Genius in Ridgeland for cinematic previews for their literary works. 

For instance, if you needed a quick visual of brain-hungry Star Trek fans, than check out Mad Genius' preview for Quirk Books' "Night of the Living Trekkies". Or, if you wanted to know what Darth Vader sounds like in old English, look no further than Mad Genius' preview for "William Shakespeare's Star Wars". 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based Quirk Books has been using Rick Moore's company and his team's talents for years to reach customers in an innovative way online.

"We're also a full-service production facility," Moore said. "We do a very unique variety of work. We do book trailers for big time publishers."

Big time publishers like Houghton-Mifflin and Harcourt. While Mad Genius provides the traditional modes of advertising and branding for clients through digital design and print, Moore said the emphasis on online video, such as in his company's book trailers is growing.

"Now, it's mobile phone, web, it's anything out there, what doesn't show video in a very high quality?" Moore asked rhetorically.

Mad Genius was started in 2005 by Moore, president Chip Sarver and Rob Bridges. However, the video and film production roots for the company goes back to 1997 when Moore built his studio with another company that is now under the Mad Genius umbrella.

In addition to Mad Genius' creative video team showcasing their abilities, local actors are used in the book trailers giving them exposure to an online audience. With many of these online book trailers, such as "Night of the Living Trekkies" achieving hits in the hundreds-of-thousands. 

"That's what's really fun, any time it's on YouTube or Vimeo there's always this comment section, and when the comments comeback like, 'oh, wow', especially the book trailers, 'When is this going to be a movie?" Moore quoted. "'I want this to be a movie.' that means we did a good job."

Which means the opportunity for more good jobs in the future for Moore's Mad Genius team of 20 creative visionaries.

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